Broken Pipes

Dealing with Broken Pipes

When a broken pipe occurs in or around your home, it can lead to being a huge mess. If homeowners are lucky, they will notice it right away to minimize any damage and keep costs down. One issue that is more noticeable is the unexpected loss of water pressure. This will usually lead to a leak or broken pipe inside the wall. Recognizing the issue early could lead to minimal water damage and the less likelihood of growing mold. Pipe repairs can be costly, as well as time-consuming, and require a substantial amount of work. Here are five common and known causes that lead to broken pipes:

Maintenance Lapses

Since issues with your pipes tend to sneak up on you, a thorough inspection is crucial to recognizing smaller problems before they escalate. Over time, leaks in your sink drains or water heater can be more than a nuisance if not recognized early. Once water seeps into any structure it promotes mold growth. For instance, when floorboards or drywall are wet for periods of time, it can cause mold to grow. When the tile or wood flooring gets wet, it can cause them to discolor or warp. This is why it is very important to perform simple maintenance tasks. As many of us use our sinks and tubs daily, you may not pay attention to smaller issues unless you make time to do an inspection.

You can start by going to every room that has plumbing. Check out all pipes that are exposed, for example under sinks and behind toilet tanks. Check for any signs of standing water or moisture. Look for signs of corrosion on brass or copper fittings because corrosion occurs faster on damp metal. Therefore, corroded connections could show a slow leak. Also, be sure to document any and all water damage you come across with photos and or videos as evidence. Let our public adjusters at Pinnacle Claim Services handle all your broken pipe claims from beginning to end in any event.

Blocked Pipes

The drains and toilets may experience a clog or blockage and can lead to a back up into your home. This creates a sticky situation especially when dealing with sewage and could be unsanitary. A clogged drain or sewer line tends to lead to water pressure accumulating in your pipes, which as a result can create a leak and eventually rupture the pipe. Certain instances there may be construction going on near your home and your pipes may fail due to environmental circumstances. Construction activities could create a block in your toilet line by bringing sand into your pipes. As the pressure builds and your pipes can no longer handle it, they will crack or burst. This can happen in the event of not keeping up with proper maintenance on your plumbing system. 

Tree Roots

It is very rare, but tree roots can cause water lines to rupture. As you know, trees grow naturally and in every direction below the ground but more so in the direction of the water. It does not matter how strong your pipes are. Since these pipelines are underground, there is no room for any “give” in the pipes once a root has decided to grow in its direction. This will apply pressure against the pipe and cause it to rupture. In these instances, trust in Pinnacle Claim Services as we have you covered! 

Old Pipes

This is a more common occurrence in the South Florida area especially since a good portion of homes were built in the mid to late 1960s. A pipe could rupture simply from being old and worn out. Steel pipes are more susceptible to corrosion and can affect the integrity of the pipe. Unless there have been plumbing renovations done, is when you wouldn’t have to worry about this issue. If you experience a broken pipe that happens to be old and corroded, contact the experts at Pinnace Claim Services for all of your broken pipes insurance claims. We will not let you go through this process alone. 

Freezing Pipes

Although freezing of your pipes in South Florida is a rare occurrence, it is one of the main causes of broken pipes in general. We all understand once water is exposed to cold air it will start to freeze and turn into ice. The ice then expands and the pressure builds up until it eventually ruptures the pipes. Unless you take proper precautions to winter-proof your pipes, your home may suffer major problems when the winter months hit.

Fortunately for you, Pinnacle Claim Services has your back! Our public adjusters will thoroughly assist you with every step of the broken pipe claim recovery process, eliminating all the stress and confusion associated with fixing this type of damage.

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